The Origin of the Sock.

Many moon ago, Tom Stewart was put into ISS (In School Suspension) for something or another. Most likely was for cussing out a fellow student. Either way, boredom and a complete loathing for schoolwork led his mind to wander and his pen to doodle. In an instant, Sockhead was born. After escaping from ISS, Tom showed the marvelous sock to his buddy Aaron Brock. The two of them then started drawing Sockhead comics everywhere, much the the shagrin of the poor teachers who would have their blackboards covered in useless banter. After much deliberation, Tom and Aaron decided that they should make a webcomic, much like the ones they so often read. Thus, Aaron went and joined keenspace, and then nothing. Months went by, and not a word. Sockhead faded out of both of their minds, until one day when Tom recieved an email detailing how the long awaited keenspot account was finally ready. Tom and Aaron set to work with plans of granduer, but alas, nothing happened again as both of them are lazy bastards. Then, a short while back, Aaron gained the desire once more. He brought Tom back in the loop, and Sockhead! was borne again. Now they will both be making this deliteful little treat for all to enjoy. It should update daily, with Tom and Aaron alternating weeks on who has hosting duty. Sockhead thusly came into being, and there was much rejoicing.

Want to know more about the authors? Harass Aaron by emailing him or posting something in the forums.

Sockhead is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.